TECLens makes possible Quantitative Corneal Cross-linking (qCXL) to accurately control corneal remodeling with its novel CXLens® device. Sitting directly and comfortably on the eye, CXLens enables simultaneous emission of patterned ultraviolet light while measuring real-time changes in corneal biomechanics. CXLens tracks with the eye like a traditional contact lens and allows patients to close their eyes during treatment.

For refractive correction, CXLens uses integrated ultrasound to measure real-time changes in corneal biomechanics that occur during cross-linking. This provides the closed-loop dosing necessary to accurately stiffen, thus, reshape the cornea. For keratoconus, CXLens is easier and more efficient for physicians, enabling treatment of both eyes simultaneously.

Our novel qCXL platform promises truly non-invasive refractive correction procedures and ectatic treatments. TECLens is currently testing its comfortable one-time vision correction treatment in the clinic.