TECLens is developing a crosslinking technology to address not only  keratoconus, but also has the capability  to correct vision errors in healthy eyes.

TECLens Quantitative Corneal Cross-linking (qCXL) has the potential to  reshape the cornea for:

  • Recovery of reading distance vision in Presbyopia patients
  • Control of Progressive Myopia in children
  • Correction of adult vision errors such as Hyperopia and Low-order Myopia

Sitting directly and comfortably on the eye, our CXLens® device emits patterned ultraviolet light while using ultrasound to measure the real-time changes in corneal biomechanics. CXLens’ scleral lens tracks with movement, allowing patients to move their eyes, head, or even close their eyes during treatment.  The integrated ultrasound biomechanical monitor provides the closed loop dosing necessary to stiffen and reshape the cornea to a specific prescription.


TECLens has conducted a successful pilot study  in keratoconus patients (https://tvst.arvojournals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2772544) and is currently planning the first refractive correction clinical studies of its comfortable one-time, non-invasive vision correction treatment.