The Future of Vision Correction

The Global Myopia Epidemic

The world faces a growing epidemic in Myopia (known as nearsightedness).  In 1970, 25% of Americans were nearsighted. Today, that number is greater than 40%.  By 2050, it will be almost 60%.   By some estimates, half of the world's population could be nearsighted by 2050.   Today, across the US and Europe, 90 million people have 3 diopters or less of myopic error and in China the number exceeds 150 million.

Addressing the Global

Myopia Epidemic  

Our Solution

TECLens has developed a non-invasive single treatment therapy to address this low order Myopia epidemic.   The therapy involves wearing our patented contact lens only once in the doctor's waiting room for one half hour.

We call our contact lens CXLens®.  CXLens is comfortable and may be worn with the eye open or closed.  Following treatment, CXLens is removed and the patient's distance vision is permanently corrected.

CXLens non-invasively reshapes the cornea using Corneal Crosslinking (CXL).  CXL has emerged as a safe and effective vision correction modality.  CXLens is an inexpensive and comfortable means to perform CXL and enables a non-invasive curative approach to low order Myopia.

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